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Christmas Advent Calendar

The 2018 Advent Calendar was hosted on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to see if we could reach more people. Here are some samples of that calendar.

Day 14.png

Day 14

Bobbin Lace Partridge. Based on pattern from Canadian Lacemaker Gazette, Vol.22, No.2. Made by Pamela Lawes.


On This Day: Today marks the 119th anniversary of the Audubon Xmas Bird Count.  


Day 21

Russian Snowflake.

Designer unknown, made by Carol Chamberlain.


On This Day: Winter Solstice marks midwinter. Aurora borealis (northern lights) is best seen at this time of year.

Day 23.jpg

Day 23


Christmas Decoration.

Designed by Christine Springett & made by Malvary Cole.

On This Day: 1888. Vincent Van Gogh cuts off his ear, after an argument with fellow painter Paul Gauguin.

The competition for 2018 was Somewhere You Could Find Members of the Lace Guild.  There were two prizes awarded for the correct answer: one to a Lace Guild member, and one to someone who was not a Lace Guild member. The prizes were either a free year's e-membership to the Lace Guild (worth £20) or a £20 gift voucher to be spent on Lace Guild sales (excluding P & P).

Many thanks to all who contributed to the 2018 Advent Calendar: Jacqui Barber, Carol Chamberlain, Malvary Cole, Jan Gardner, Joepie Hammett, Libby Inglis, Pamela Lawes, Elizabeth Ligeti, Heidi Mersich, Betty Milward, Jacquie Tinch, and Jennifer Williams. Thanks also to for all the interesting snippets of information.

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