Artefact of the Month for 2019

January 2019.

Sample book. Chinese from an industry known as Chefoo.

Early 20th C.

It has 15 pages with different samples of lace with prices.

24.5 x 18 cm.

Purchase from the estate of Shirley Burness-Smith.

February 2019.

Point de Gaze needlelace showing a variety of wheel fillings.

End of a lappet.

Bobbin and needle lace.

21 x 12cm. 

Gift from Liz Muncey.

March 2019

Knitted Shawl c 1900 288 x 128 cm. Gift from Shirley Foulsham

April 2019.

T 319-1878 Fan Leaf.

Bobbin lace (Devon) about 1878.

Made by Emma Radford.

This fan leaf won a prize at the Exhibition of the Fan Makers Company in 1878.

Victoria and Albert Museum

May 2019.

Bucks Point edging early 19th century. 

30.5 x 8.2cm. 

Gift from Monica Betteridge

June 2019.

SPR. 24. 2018 Cloth with Reticella and Punto in aria laces and whitework embroidery.

Late 16th century.

Dr Spriggs loan collection.


July 2019.

PM.1.2018 Ayrshire work. 

Crown of a baby bonnet.

19th C.  29 x 33cm. 

Estate of Pauline Milnes.

August 2019



Collection of modern Honiton and East Midlands bobbins. 


Gift from Pam Robinson.

September 2019.



Round Honiton Mat late 20th Century.

17 x 17cm.


Gift from Eleanor Burtenshaw.


October 2019.



Very fine knitted collar.

38.5 x 8.5cm.


Gift from Eleanor Burtenshaw.


November 2019.



Netted Handkerchief

27 x 27cm.


Gift from Eleanor Burtenshaw.


December 2019.


Machine Lace With Deer Imitating Point de Paris

20th Century. 29 x 7.4cm