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The Lace Guild Fringe Workshops 2020

The Fringe will take place on Saturday 2nd May at the Holiday Inn Peterborough (see AGM page)

There will be four whole-day workshops from 10am to 4pm:

Lacy Landscapes in Needle Lace with Eve Corrall

Torchon Flat Angel with Rosemary Green

Needle Tatting with Barbara Murdock

New Designs in Irish-Style Crochet Lace with Andrea Gaskell

All workshop rooms are on the ground floor. Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day

and sandwiches, chips and fruit are being offered for lunch. Download the booking form here.

Lacy Landscapes in Needle Lace with Eve Corrall

Eve will help you to create a landscape using needlelace techniques and a variety of threads. Some patterns will be provided, or you can create your own.

Skill Level:

No previous knowledge of needlelace is required, but hand stitching skills are. Needlelace uses loop stitches (blanket and buttonhole). If you have never done any needlelace before, please indicate this on your form.



Usual hand sewing equipment, to include:

Needles - sharps and a variety of sizes of ball point *

Hand sewing cotton

Scissors for threads and paper

Magnifier if normally used

Calico or sheeting

Interesting threads in appropriate colours (textured, thin, thick, smooth, shiny) *

Sticky back film (as used for book covering, etc) *

Pens, pencils, coloured pencils

Notebook or sketch pad

* means the tutor will bring some, for which there may be a small charge


The tutor will also bring thread packs containing a mixture of threads in colour themes.

Rosemary Green.jpg

Torchon Lace Flat Angel with Rosemary Green

Start early for Christmas! The angel for this workshop is
suitable for everyone from beginner onwards. The lower
level has only cloth stitch and cloth stitch and twist, using
50/2 linen. The upper level is worked in everyday sewing
cottons and an optional touch of metallic thread for glitz.
The design can be as simple as cloth stitch or something
with more pattern in it. There will be a choice of designs
available from the tutor. The hanger will also be available
from the tutor at low cost. A maximum of 18 pairs of
bobbins will be needed. Use the angel to decorate your
own home or make as a gift - they are very light to post!

Needle Tatting with Barbara Murdock

This workshop is an introduction to the beautiful art
of tatting with a needle to produce a pretty lace motif,
which can be used on a card or gift tag. You will learn
the basic stitch, how to read a pattern, how to make
rings, chains and picots, and how to make joins. It’s an
amazing opportunity to learn a new skill, opening up
a huge range of new lace possibilities. There will be a
small charge for materials of £2 per student.

New Designs in Irish-Style Crochet Lace

with Andrea Gaskell

In this workshop you will make Irish Crochet elements to
stitch onto a small fabric bag. This workshop is aimed
at those with some crochet experience, but I am happy
to teach beginners or those wishing to have support to
make their own work.

I have been making crochet for over 45 years now and
teaching crochet for at least 40 years. My main interest
has always been Irish Crochet, but I make, design and
teach all types.


This is a new workshop focussing on the basic
techniques of Irish Crochet to make new elements based
on designs from the Arts and Crafts Movement. Learn
how to make Clones knots; work over a padding cord;
make Romanian cords; join elements together and much
more. The instructions and a fabric bag will be provided
in a range of colours.


The elements can be worked in any size crochet thread,
so it is up to you what thread and hook size to bring.
Generally, I 􀁯find that No 20s crochet cotton and a 1mm
hook are a great starting point. I will have some spare
hooks and threads to try out different sizes, but please
feel free to contact me in advance to chat about what
you would like to do or what to bring.

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