The Lace Guild

Group and Tutor List

Group List

Due to hard work from some of our volunteers, we have managed to update our group list. This contains names only of groups we have managed to receive confirmation of running in 2017. The list is available to download, for groups that are on it, please feel free to send us contact information (whether direct or social media) for us to include.

Updating Groups and Tutor List

If you would like to update your details, please contact us on Facebook or through The Hollies and we will advise exactly what information is required.

It is not essential for a tutor to be a member of The Lace Guild to be included in the list. In addition to the usual personal details you would expect on a form we also want to know which laces people will teach, to what level, whether they will have mixed ability groups and information about how far a tutor will travel.

Please pass this request for information to any other teachers of lacemaking. We welcome information from our members who live outside the UK too, especially if you visit the UK occasionally.