Making a Point with Lace

where 'point' = 'stitch'!


Needlelace played a very important part in the history and development of lace and fashion. It was a luxurious fashion item, de rigueur in the Royal Courts of Europe, an adornment worn by monarchs.  It is well represented in the extensive Lace Guild Museum Collection, and this exhibition traces the development of this form of lacemaking from the 16th Century until the present day. It still thrives as a craft alongside other forms of lacemaking as these contemporary examples illustrate. At the same time as this exhibition, at the Lace Guild Museum, you can see more examples where there is a themed exhibition, changed every three months.

Pictures on the poster, left, show:

SHF.5.2017, detail, part of lappet, Italian, late 19th Century.

Pat Gibson 2018, detail, part of necklace.

PM.46.2018 Brussels needlelace – detail 19th Century.