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The Return of the Spider

Following the success of 'The Small Friendly Spider Book', the Spider Returns with 18 new patterns featuring spiders!

And this time it's not just bookmarks...


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The Small Friendly Spider Book

Why not challenge yourself to a new bookmark?

See 17 patterns to explore spiders in all their glory. Various designs with many uses, ready to be enjoyed.

Take A Box Of Baubles... compiled by Rosemary Green

Why not treat your baubles to a make-over this Christmas?

See 18 patterns to decorate your baubles in Torchon, Beds, Bucks and Honiton. Also provides ideas for you to create your own patterns, adding a unique twist to your decorations.

Celtic Letters in Milanese Lace by Pat Read

Prickings for the twenty-six letters of the alphabet in Milanese lace with working notes and colour suggestions.

Read a few sample pages here!

Knitted Lace Jewellery With Wire And Metallic Threads by Deborah Robinson

The techniques used in this book are for the most part basic stitches knit into simple motifs and fashioned into shape. Many of the motifs can be used in interchangeable ways — necklaces, corsages, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair ornaments, and some can be manipulated into more shapes than one.

Read a few sample pages here!


20 new patterns for various types of lace including Torchon, Bucks Point, Flanders, crochet and knitted.

Read a few sample pages here!

Logarithmic Lace compiled by Deborah Robinson

A reprint of The Lace Guild resource book, first published in 2002. A compilation of patterns, grids and instructions for designing logarithmic lace, with a foreword by Jane Atkinson.

Read a few sample pages here!

Bucks Point Prickings drafted by Kate Riley

A collection of 59 prickings taken from samples in the Luton Museum Lace Dealer’s Pattern Book.

Read a few sample pages here!