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What are the disadvantages of air to water heat pumps?

They are expensive.

The initial expense is arguably the most significant downside of air to water heat pumps. The majority of individuals are discouraged by the higher upfront expenditures.

The price of installing an air to water heat pump is far way more than the cost of running it. Again, renewable energy tech is still new. Its familiarity is less spread. Therefore, most people still use fossil energy options.

Air to water heat pumps total costs of air to the water heat pump is high. Therefore, you will have to wait a couple of years to get a return on the investment.

They are not known for intense heat generation.

Air to a water heat pump does not produce the same degree of warmth as boilers. In extreme weather, you should expect it to disappoint. The unit will only work properly if it's coupled with inverter technology.

It also works well when appropriately paired with a floor heater and radiators. And this, to some extent, may necessitate bigger radiators. If that's the case, an extra installation cost should be added to the budget.

Air to water heat pumps' temperatures is always steady. Despite that, they remain low on average. Hence the house needs to be properly insulated. It will remain warm, devoid of surges and troughs like in furnaces, if done accordingly. Stable temperatures in the air to water heat pumps are foreseeable. But you will have to combine them with heated floors.

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