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Let's Raise The Hollies Roof!

The new roof is finished! We are sure you will agree that they have done a fantastic job. We still need your support as we haven't met our target yet, but many thanks to all those who have helped and supported The Lace Guild so far.

The Hollies was built c1905 and purchased by the The Lace Guild in 1984.  Over the past 40+ years, it has been an ongoing mission to maintain The Hollies in a good state of repair, and many of our members have contributed generously to a range of projects.  In 2021 (our 45th Anniversary year), we are facing our biggest project to date … we need a new roof!   As The Hollies is located in the historic Glass Quarter, repairs to the building must be undertaken replacing like  with like.  This means that a new roof will cost us somewhere in the region of £12-15,000.  Grants are being applied for, but there are no guaranteed results!

The aim of the project is to produce 2 or more hangings each of 217 overlapping lace ‘roof tiles’.  For a £5 donation, you will receive: full instructions; a template; a card tile; sample Torchon pattern and a variety of grids so that you can design your own tile.  Two tiles will cost £8.  Original designs can be submitted for inclusion in future editions of Lace.


Any type of lace may be entered, as long as it fits the tile provided and adheres to the instructions.  Completed pieces of lace should be 125 x 75mm.


There is no closing date for entries, but we will notify supporters once the target has been raised.  

Any additional monies raised will be used for future maintenance projects at The Hollies.

To order a pack, please contact The Hollies on 01384 390739 or order via our website shop.

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