The Lace Guild

Beaded Earrings

The pricking should measure 5.2 cm (2.05 in) from top to bottom


The earrings are worked with 7 pairs — I used single strands of variegated 6-strand embroidery thread but other threads of a similar thickness could be used. You will also need 40 seed beads for each earring. If you haven’t added beads in bobbin lace before you can find instructions in the ‘Adding a Bead’ techniques section.

Start with 4 pairs hung round the top pin as shown in the diagram and add a further 3 pairs where indicated on the pricking.

Two or three rows after adding the last pair start adding the beads. The beads down the centre and the beads at the right and left are added on alternate rows. For the centre beads the inner bobbins of the two centre pairs are used, for the side beads the inner right- and left-hand pairs — see diagram below.

Near the end discard 3 pairs as indicated on the pricking. After the last pin tie the worker pair around the others and work a short plait. Tie off and sew the plait to the back of the earring to make a loop for the finding. The earring can be stiffened if you wish but this is not essential.


Pattern and instructions by Jean Leader