The Lace Guild

A Versatile Pattern: Instructions

THE Flowers, Flames and Fantasy patterns, together with instructions for starting and finishing, have been provided as a downloadable pdf file, which is particularly suited for compact printing. However, they may also be viewed on, and printed from, the current page. As the prinkings are too large to fit side-by-side, they are presented as pop-ups, which will appear on clicking the thumbnail images below.

instructions for crescent instructions for flame instructions for wiggle

The prickings here are suitable for cotton pearl 8 or threads of a similar thickness. If the thread you have is thicker, you will need to enlarge the prickings, and if your thread is thinner you will need to make the prickings smaller.

You can work in cloth stitch, cloth stitch and twist, or half stitch. Vary the colour and thread, use combinations of stitches, add beads or ribbon; the possibilities are endless!

Fig 1. Starting

1. Start at the top with four pairs hung on a single pin (Fig 1) for a neat start. The two right-hand bobbins will form the worker pair.


Fig 2. Adding a pair

2. Add two or three more pairs as the pattern widens — hang the new pair round a pin beside the work and lay it down inside the pair at the edge (Fig 2). Work a few rows, then take out the pin and gently pull on the bobbins until the loop disappears.


Fig 3. Finishing

3. Near the bottom of the pattern throw back two or three pairs. They can be cut off close to the work later. After the last pin, tie the threads of the worker pair round the three passive pairs that remain (Fig 3). Either finish with a tassel or plait the threads, turn the plait back over the work, and tie it down with one of the pairs thrown back earlier.