The Lace Guild

Winding Bobbins

Take the bobbin in your right hand and, holding the end of the thread against the bobbin, pass the thread under the bobbin and back over the top towards you until the end is secure. Then wind on the thread by turning the bobbin away from you.

Look down the bobbin from the top — the thread should be wound clockwise:

When enough thread is on the bobbin, you need to make a hitch to stop it unwinding. Make a loop as shown opposite, put the head of the bobbin through the loop, and tighten.


Take enough thread from the ball, and wind it onto the other bobbin of the pair in exactly the same way and make a hitch. Leave about 20 cm of thread between the bobbins.

Pair of wound bobbins ready to use

The bobbins may look as if they are wound differently, but remember that at the left-hand side you are seeing the bobbin from the opposite side to the one on the right.