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Welcome to the Lace Guild

Home of both Traditional Craft and Textile Innovation


Our Magazines

We offer two quarterly magazines to members of the Guild, published at the end of July, October, January and April.


Lace is the main magazine, 64 pages of articles, community news and patterns.


Early Days In Lacemaking is aimed at novice lacemakers, and contains around 30 pages of mostly easy patterns.

We are an educational charity dedicated to the conservation of the past and to the development of the future.

We have a Museum full of important, beautiful and inspirational artefacts which is open every Wed to Sat.

Our Library has many hard to find books which are loaned out by post.

We sell our own books, bobbins and accessories, as well as second hand books and lace equipment and back issues of the magazines.

Shop with us online, by phone, or in person at The Hollies.

Our Museum and Library

Our Shop

AGM, Lace Day and Fringe, with Suppliers, Coventry, Saturday 3rd June 2023

We are offering workshops, sessions, talks, shopping and a lacemaking area, all included in the day delegate rate, along with a seemingly endless supply of tea, coffee and cake, not to mention the delicious three-course lunch in a lovely venue.

SUPPORT US, have your say at the AGM, and have a fun day out...  Click here to go to the AGM page for the details!

We are looking for a new Treasurer...

Our present Treasurer, Tessa Whitlock, comes to the end of her term at the June AGM, and will not be standing for re-election. We are seeking someone who will work alongside her until that time, learning about the post, and then take over. 

You need to be good with figures, have accounting and treasury knowledge, and a bit of spare time! The daily transactions are handled by our Accounts Assistant. All Board meetings are now on Zoom.

You do not need to be a lacemaker! You could be the partner, or relative, or a friend of one of our members who is willing to help out (though you would have to join the Guild yourself to qualify), like a former Treasurer who was the husband of a Lace Guild member.

If you are interested, please email Denise Smith, our chairman, at

Current Exhibition at The Hollies

18 January - 14 April 2023 “Can you tell the difference?”

Ever since the earliest days of lacemaking, Bobbin and Needle Laces copied one another’s styles. Add into the mix the opportunity to produce a cheaper version by the addition of Tapes or duplication through mimicry using techniques such as Crochet, let alone mixing techniques together and "things are not what they seem to be". Machine made nets were produced to replace the highly expensive bobbin made nets and later on imitations of handmade laces. Some mimics can be easily spotted whilst others need a magnifying glass to catch out. Come and do a bit of sleuthing!

Images from the 2022 Triennial Commonwealth

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