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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm trying to login, but it says 'Wrong email or password'

First check your email address that you typed in is correct. If it is, then it's the password that's wrong. Try again; if it still doesn't work then consider whether you are typing a letter in uppercase when it should be typed in lowercase (or vice versa). If all else fails, click on 'Forgotten Password' and set a new password for yourself.

How do I change my login password?

On the login screen, click on 'Forgotten Password' and follow the instructions. You might have to log out to make the login screen appear again.

I'm an e-subscriber but I can't get to my magazines

If you can login, but can't then get access to your magazines, then please contact the webmaster who will sort it out for you.

Contact the webmaster

Name: Christine Cooper


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