Membership of the Lace Guild UK

Membership of The Lace Guild is open to anyone in the world with an interest in making, collecting or just enjoying lace in any form.

New to Lacemaking?
  • We can help you with advice, support, inspiration and resources.

  • We have lists of tutors in your area (UK only).

  • We have lists of local groups and their contacts (UK only).

  • Our quarterly magazine, Early Days In Lacemaking, is aimed at new lacemakers. It has lots of patterns with detailed instructions.

  • Our library has many how-to books available for borrowing.

  • We often have second-hand equipment and books for sale, as well as our own bobbins and books.

Looking to Improve or Learn New Techniques?
  • We organise courses for lacemakers: Spring School, Summer School and the AGM Fringe. Members pay reduced fees for these and other LG events.

  • We have lists of UK tutors which are regularly updated.

  • Our quarterly magazine, Lace, is full of information and news about all the many types of lacemaking.

  • We offer Assessment Schemes for various kinds of lace, at varying levels of proficiency.

  • Our library has many books and periodicals about all sorts of lace. We also sell how-to books, and pattern books.

  • Bursaries are sometimes available to cover costs of tuition and courses.

  • Our museum has a large collection of lace and lace-related artefacts. Appointments with the Curator can be arranged outside usual opening hours.

  • Our quarterly magazine, Lace, has many articles about the history of lace, and lace collections nationwide.

  • The library has many books in  it which are hard to find elsewhere.

  • You may qualify for one of our bursaries.

We can help with insurance for your lace group, exhibition or workshop within the UK

Keen to support the preservation and development of lace in the UK?

Help us to keep this great craft alive for future generations in the UK!


We are dedicated to keeping the traditional lace techniques of the UK from being forgotten, AND to developing those traditions for the modern world. We support and encourage the development of new techniques for contemporary lace. The best of all these worlds can be seen in our triennial exhibition and competition.

The Lace Guild is the only national organisation left dedicated solely to lace. Without it, lace would have to be subsumed into another craft guild, or its heritage and future be lost entirely to the UK. Simply as a charitable endeavour, the Lace Guild is worth your support.

You can also support us by volunteering! We need people to run the Guild, via the Executive Committee (it's not a lifetime commitment). And we also need people to help in the museum and library, with demonstrating lace to the public, and to help with the upkeep of the premises.