The Lace Guild Library

The Lace Guild has an extensive library of lace and related books, most of which can be borrowed subject to the following conditions.


Members resident within the UK can borrow items from the Guild library either by personal visit to The Hollies or by post. Members are required to pay postage both ways and the outward cost is marked on the package. The refund of outward postage has to be sent when returning the items, and stamps are preferred. Cheques are acceptable only for larger amounts as they are expensive to process. Requests can be made by letter, telephone or email to the librarian (use email address only). Items are usually loaned for two calendar months, and can be renewed unless requested by another member. The date on the label is a filing date so do not be concerned if it is not a working day. Prompt return of loan items is appreciated. The library list is updated annually in time for the AGM so please enquire about items not listed.

Some library items cannot be borrowed because of their value. These can only be viewed by visiting The Hollies.


The Lace Guild often receives gifts and bequests of lacemaking books, most of which are sold to allow new purchases for the library.  Volunteers will be adding these books to our on-line shop when Covid-19 allows us to get back to The Hollies and we have sufficient time.

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