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The 2022 Lace Guild
Triennial Competition and Exhibition


"Lace in this section does not need to be linked to the theme Discovery.  Work should reflect the traditional laces and encourage a high standard in technique.  It is recommended that you use only the traditional techniques associated with your named lace and that you work in one colour or closely related colours (unless that lace is traditionally worked in many colours).  Patterns used can be old or new, published or unpublished or original.  The source of the pattern must be stated."

1. Torchon (1 entry)

2. Named British or Continental Point Ground Laces (4 entries)

3. Bedfordshire and related laces e.g. Maltese and Cluny (1 entry)

4. Honiton (no entries)

5. Any other named bobbin lace (5 entries)

6. Needlelaces inc. Tenerife, Romanian and Branscombe (no entries)

7. Decorated Net inc. Carrickmacross, Limerick, needle run, tambour (no entries)

8. Knotted Laces inc. Tatting, Filet and Armenian (no entries)

9. Looped Laces inc. knitting and crochet (no entries)

10. A traditional style piece of lace made by a group (no entries)

11. Traditional style laces using mixed techniques from more than one traditional style of lace (2 entries)

12. A piece of lace made from patterns in the Lace Society's archive (no entries)

13. An original Buckinghamshire Point design (no entries)



"Lace to the theme, with any combination of techniques and materials. to be judged on design, technique, presentation and suitability for the end use. Entrants for this section must describe (in a maximum of 20 words) how their work fits the Commonwealth theme."

14. Lace To Use: a garment, accessory or something for the home made from or incorporating lace (2 entries)


15. Abstract Lace: an abstract design, which explores the formal qualities of form, colour, line, texture, pattrn, composition and process through innovation in design, technique or use of materials (4 entries)


16. A Piece For Display On A Wall, such as a hanging, canvas block or framed picture (10 entries)


17. A 3 Dimensional Item (no entries)


18. A Miniature Lace Item (no entries)


19. Imposed Class (5 entries)


20. Young Lacemaker, Individual: 11 years and under (1 entry)


21. Young Lacemaker, Individual: 12 to 17 years inclusive (no entries)


22. Young Lacemaker Group: 2 or more, 11 years and under (1 entry)


23. Young Lacemaker Group: 2 or more, 17 years and under (1 entry)


24. Adult Group: up to 10 members (2 entries)


25. Adult Group: 11 or more members (1 entry)



Individuals Trophy for the best competition entry: Diana Blackburn, 'Art Nouveau Nymph' (section A, class 5)

Ann Robson Trophy for Torchon lace: Ann Allison, 'Birmingham Shawl' (section B, class 14)

Val Gurney Trophy for Bucks Point Lace: Diana Blackburn, 'Edwardian Dress Front' (section A class 2)

Sue Goodman Trophy for Bedfordshire Lace: Rieko Tamura, 'Heart-Shaped Tree' (section B, class 16)

Elsie Luxton Trophy for Honiton Lace: Doreen Creed, 'Welsh Flag' (section B, class 16)

Sue Dane Teacher's Award for the best lace by a teacher: Katherine Brandle, 'Kaleidoscope' (section A, class 2)

John Bull Trophy for lace by a lacemaker who is not a teacher: Sue Wiltshire, 'Bedfordshire Dress Front' (A3)

Founder Students Trophy for the most stimulating entry: Barbara Brooks, 'Tattoo' (section B, class 16)

Richard J Viney Trophy for a circular design: Katherine Brandle, 'Coronavirus' (section B, class 16)

Ian Ferris Trophy for 3D lace: Pamela Layzell, 'From The Ground Up' (section B, class 15)

Nancy Armstrong Trophy for a fan: Chieko Miyawaki, 'Forest Blessing - Walnuts' (section A, class 5)

Ginger Jar Trophy for the best entry in the Imposed Class: Pat Brunsdon, 'A Nice Cup Of Tea' (section B, class 19)

Lorna Fall Trophy for a first-time entry: Penny Reed, 'Binche Lace No.2' (section A, class 5)

Poole Trophy for a young lacemaker 11-17 years old: Sophie Hodgson, 'Commonwealth Of England Gold Crown (B20)

Friesland Trophy for a group of young lacemakers 11 years or under: Milton Road Young Lacemakers, 'The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy' (section B, class 22)

Miss Clare Fray Award for a group of young lacemakers under 18 years: Chesterton Young Lacemakers, 'Hands Of Humanity' (section B, class 23)

Northumbria Lacemakers Trophy (group up to 10 members): Meridian Lacemakers, 'Going For Gold' (B24)

Northumbria Lacemakers Trophy (group of 11 or more): 98 Lace, 'Oliver Cromwell' (section B, class 25)


Ann Allison, 'Crowned Crane' (section B, class 16)

Sara Ruks, 'Fantail' (section B, class 19)

Elizabeth Wade, 'Milanese Cat' (section A, class 5)

Jo Wakem, 'Sydney, Australia' (section B, class 19)

Anna Winter, 'Commonwealth Glory' (section B, class 16)

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