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Getting Started - How To Make Lace

Whether learning as an adult, or as a young lacemaker, the Lace Guild has plenty of resources for you.

On this page you can find out how to wind your bobbins, do basic stitches such as cloth stitch and half stitch, and add a bead to your lace.

There is also a link to a simple pattern to start you off, and several other easy patterns to try.

The Lace Guild produces a quarterly magazine for new lacemakers, called Early Days In Lacemaking, which you can subscribe to as a member of the Guild. (This magazine replaces the Guild's Young Lacemaker Magazine which was aimed mainly at under 18s).

Sample Pages from issue 2 - p1.jpg
Sample Pages from issue 2 - p2.jpg

Example of a pattern in Issue 2 of Early Days In Lacemaking

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