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Getting Started - How To Make Lace

A Versatile Beginner's Pattern

Three shapes, at least 5 results!

Pattern by Jean Leader

These three shapes below can be used to make all the pictures and earrings above, using only the most basic of lace stitches! 

Shape 3.jpg
Shape 1.jpg
Shape 2.jpg

Click HERE to view, download and print the instructions!


Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Above are some suggestions for ways of working the pattern. Each was used for a different petal in the flower, or for its stem. You will need to twist the worker pair at each pin.


Fig. 1 - Work cloth stitch with a vein down the centre. Make the vein by twisting the worker pair at the centre of each row of stitches. Start with just one twist and gradually add more to about four for the widest point; then gradually decrease to match the first half


Fig. 2 - Work cloth stitch, and twist the worker pair once between each stitch.


Fig. 3 - Work cloth stitch with the edge pairs, and half stitch with the others.


Fig. 4 - Work cloth stitch with the edge pairs and the two centre pairs, and half stitch with the other two pairs.


Fig. 5 - Work cloth stitch and twist with the left-hand edge pair, and cloth stitch with the others, making veins between the first and second, and third and fourth pairs (counting from the left).

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