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Grants and Bursaries

Each year, a number of grants and bursaries are available to members. If you wish to apply for a bursary or grant, and are unsure about whether you meet the criteria, please contact the office, where someone will be able to advise.

Travel Grant

Each year, three grants of up to £40 are available from The Lace Guild funds, towards help with travel expenses to enable small (up to 40 members) and/or remote groups to obtain a tutor, not available locally, for a lace course or workshop.

Lilian Young Bursary

In August 1988 Lilian Young died whilst on a lacemaking course at Dillington Hall. She was a student of Elsie Luxton and noted for her superb Honiton Lace.
The Rhymney Valley Lacemakers, on instructions from Lilian's family sold all her lacemaking equipment and the proceeds were handed to The Lace Guild in July 1989. The money was invested, and the interest is used for an annual bursary offered each July to help lacemakers gain a vocational qualification in lace. It was requested that the name(s) and town of residence of recipients be published in Lace.

Ann Woodward Bursary

£20 each is given to two lacemakers every year to 'help members attend a Guild Course'.
Applications are required not less than three months before the commencement of the course. The funds come from a collection (£663) raised in 1983 in Ann’s memory.

Chihuahua Bursary

In 1998 a disabled lacemaker – who wished to remain anonymous – donated £1000 to The Lace Guild with the stipulation that the money should be invested, and the interest used to assist disabled lacemakers, aged 18 and over, to attend any event connected with lacemaking, including lace days, courses, workshops, exhibitions, and fairs, apart from the use of computers.
It may also be used to pay for postage on items borrowed from The Lace Guild library.

Application Forms

Application forms for all grant and bursary applications are available via the office. Please note that there is a limit to how many are awarded each year, so they are offered on a first come, first served basis.

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