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Sale or Return Box For Groups

We can supply your group meeting with a Lace Guild Sale or Return box. Email our Sales Assistant Nicola at to register your interest!

The box will contain the following:

1 x Information sheet

1 x Publications guide to all of the publication we currently offer

1 x Order Form pack, Order form details, bobbin order form and publications order form

1 x bunch of leaflets which can be handed out (8xMuseum, 8Membership)


The following publications are included in your pack, these can also be sold and any unsold returned to us:


1 x Introduction to Bucks Point Lace

1 x Introduction to Milanese Lace

1 x Introduction to Bedfordshire Lace

1 x Introduction to Torchon Lace

1 x Honiton Basic Technical Instruction Book

1 x Small Friendly Spider

1 x Take Another Box of Baubles

1 x The Return of the Spider

1 x It’s a wrap

1 x Simply Blue

Return your box to us after up to 3 months with unsold items and a cheque for anything that was sold and any order forms required.

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