Artefact of the Month 2022

January 2022

Corner of a Rosaline handkerchief. 20th Century. Size 21.5 x 22.5cm. Purchase GF.14.2012.

February 2022

Halas needlelace with swan. Last quarter of the 20th Century. Size 5.7 x 5.7cm. Purchase. GF.42.2006.

March 2022

Bucks Point Flounce. 19th Century. Size 258 x 19.7cm. Purchase GF.21.2009.

April 2022

Corner of Youghall needlelace handkerchief. Late 19th Century. Size 37.5 x 35.5cm. Purchase. GF.18.2012

May 2022

Torchon bobbin lace mat designed by Henk Hardimann and worked by Kate Riley. Late 20th Century. Size 13.9 x 20.6cm. Bequest.

June 2022

Filet crochet corner for tablecloth containing the flags of the UK, France and Belgium. Donation from Mole Valley Lacemakers. Size 46 x 22.5cm. MVL.1.2012

July 2022

Chantilly bobbin lace. Second half of the 19th Century. Donation from Jackie Birch. Size 50 x 46cm. J A1.1.2012