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Artefact of the Month 2023

January 2023

Early 20th C. Machine imitation of Silk Blonde bobbin lace. Gift from Chris Baragh. 205 x 22cm.

February 2023

Second half 19th C Needle lace, Inishmacsaint or New Ross Ireland. Gift from Vicki Webster. 60 x 7cm.

March 2023

19th or 20th C Metal Bobbin lace, probably German, as used for trimming folk costume. Gift from Eva Whitton. 125 x 6.5cm.

April 2023

Second half 19th C Bedfordshire Maltese Bobbin lace Collar, English. Unknown donor. 37 x 42cm.

May 2023

19th C 1830 Valenciennes bobbin lace. Gift from Kirstine Dunthorne. 45cm length

June 2023

19th Century Tamboured shawl. The use of two thicknesses of thread suggest that it may have been made in Coggeshall, England. 34 x 13cm.

July 2023

Mid-18th Century. Shows techniques usually found in both Valenciennes and Mechlin. It may not have been made in Flanders. Gift from Vicki Webster. 359 x 5.5cm

August 2023

Circular Craponne mat 20th C. 33 x 33cm. Donation from David McClean.

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