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This is the kit for the imposed class that formed part of the Lace Guild's last triennial competition and exhibition, Commonwealth, in 2022.

A few of these kits are still remaining, and can be purchased for pleasure or as practice for the next Triennial (Treasure) in 2025.

The kit comprises:

1 sheet approx A4 Commonwealth.

Pricking card.

Assorted beads.

2 bobbins Honiton.

2 safety pins.

3 washers (1 large 2 small).

3 wires (florist/cake).

12 coffee stirrers.

2 craft sticks.

Approx 0.5m lace insertion.

Turquoise linen thread approx. 5m.

Goldfinger thread approx. 5m.

Yellow linen thread approx. 2m.

Ecru hemp thread approx. 5m.

1 ball crochet cotton 60.

Copper wire approx. 2m.

Magenta knitting thread approx. 5m.

Kit for imposed class (last triennial competition 2022)

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