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Revised Edition 2022.

Please note that this is  an ebook for download only and is not available as a printed version. However, you may print the pages for your own use. 

The prickings and lace in this edition are the same as in the original version, published 2007, with the following modifications:

• The lace has been remade, often in colour.
• The hand-drawn prickings and working diagrams have been digitised.
• The prickings and working diagrams have been colour-coded, where appropriate, to indicate the stitches used in some of the elements.  The colours follow the continental system.

The pages can be enlarged on screen to study the way the lace was made and the working diagrams in more detail.


The ebook can be purchased at an introductory rate of £6, for the first 6 weeks.  After 1st March the price will be £7. 

Twenty Bookmarks (2022 eBook)

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