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Top Secret Interview Tips

Your first impression makes judgment of Interviewers about your worthiness, competitiveness. Most of the candidates lost interviews due to weak handshake, lack of eye contact or poor body language/posture. Careful planning and preparation will make sure how your interview will go smoothly. Hence, according to college homework helper note down maximum possible questions and their answers in your diary, which may be probably asked from your CV, Job experience and current affairs.


Important aspects of an interview are knowledge of the candidate, way of presentation and positive attitude. An interviewer looks for an attentive, active and good responsive candidate. Body language like smiling, eye contact, solid posture, active listening and nodding plays the important role for attention of interviewer. Way of presentation is the primary thing and knowledge of subject is secondary. Way of presentation is an art, which can be improved by practice of mock interviews. Though, knowledge builds confidence in the candidate for an interview.

Practice of mock interview for your noted questions with your friends/family member or in front of mirror. Your voice should be sound and clear. Avoid speaking too fast and meaningless phrases like ‘you know’, ‘I mean’ etc.


Sometimes interviewer challenged you for your answer to tests your temper and how you react under such situation. Avoid starting arguments. Reply very politely and be cool. An impressive and confident response of a question shows that the candidate can admit responsibility and accept constructive criticism. There may be 6-7 interviewers in a panel interview, which generally found in public sector interviews. In this case, it may be noted that always start your answer by directing your attention (eye contact) towards the question asking interviewer.

Go through the hot issues of National/International Issues at least since last one month from the date of interview by reading news editorials and headlines of two-three national newspapers.

Whenever interviewer asked about your views on any national/international hot issues. Avoid biased answer since every problem has two sides. Hence try to give balance answer about those issues. Listen carefully; avoid rushing to answer.

End the interview with a good impression and give thanks to Interviewer.

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