Forthcoming Exhibitions at The Hollies

5 October 2022 – 6 January 2023 “Lace by the Northumbria Lacemakers”

This lovely exhibition is currently on display at the Lace Guild. The Northumbria Lacemakers were founded in 1982 attracting Lacemakers from all over the North East of England.

The group meet ten times a year, usually on the third Saturday of the month (though not during August or September) in a variety of venues North and South of the Tyne.


There is a social aspect to all their meeting with an opportunity to exchange ideas and give help with lace problems.  Quizzes and other challenges are arranged and the group have occasional talks on local craft topics.


Members have a wide range of skills and visitors are most welcome.


For more information, please see their website:

18 January - 14 April 2023 “Can you tell the difference?”

Ever since the earliest days of lacemaking, Bobbin and Needle Laces copied one another’s styles. Add into the mix the opportunity to produce a cheaper version by the addition of Tapes or duplication through mimicry using techniques such as Crochet, let alone mixing techniques together and "things are not what they seem to be". Machine made nets were produced to replace the highly expensive bobbin made nets and later on imitations of handmade laces. Some mimics can be easily spotted whilst others need a magnifying glass to catch out. Come and do a bit of sleuthing!

21 April - 28 July 2023 "Recent Acquisitions"

Your first opportunity to see just some of the many items that we have added into the collection post-pandemic. A wide range of types, styles and ages of lace have been acquired over the past two and a half years, so there should be something to please everyone.