Forthcoming Exhibitions at The Hollies

To Knit or Knot

2 October - 20 December 2019

Often overshadowed by bobbin and needle laces, laces made using various knitting and knotting techniques can be worked in the finest of threads.

Produced across the world, usually in a domestic context, they are often beautiful yet there is an underlying practicality in the 'fit for purpose' designs.

Lace by a Local Group

8 January - 31 March 2020

The Wyre Forest Lacemakers will be showcasing their lacemaking skills in this display of the many and varied types of lace which they enjoy making. Both Modern and Traditional laces will be on show from this lively group.

Recent Acquisitions

3 April - 26 June 2020

This annual display theme is an opportunity for you to see just some of the fantastic and interesting items which have been accessed into our Collection over the past year. Expect lace of all types including some scrumptious Early Lace.


20th Century Lace

3 July - 25 September 2020

Some of the important 20th Century lace in our collection.