Spring School 2019 - this event has now finished
The Crewe Arms Hotel, Crewe
Monday 18th to Friday 22nd March 2019


Cathy Barley - Point de Gaze

Louise West - Beds and Bucks

Doreen Creed - Honiton

The Venue

After two successful Spring Schools, I am sure many of you will be pleased to hear that our third one is now planned and ready to be booked! We will be welcoming 3 wonderful tutors to Crewe in the north midlands for a week in March.

We have chosen a venue central to Crewe, a matter of minutes from the station, meaning that access should be nice and easy. The hotel has a rich and long history, with spacious and comfortable rooms.

What could we see and do in Crewe?

  • Take a stroll through Queen’s Park, a traditional Victorian park that is being restored to her former glory
  • Explore its significant historic role in the railways
  • Visit nearby cities of Liverpool and Manchester.


AND make lace of course.

We have put together 3 excellent tutors with different types of lace which we hope will tempt you to join us.

Cathy Barley

The Crewe Arms Hotel, Nantwich Road, Crewe CW2 6DN


Point de Gaze Lace by Cathy Barley

This is a rare opportunity to learn some of the techniques required to work a small flower spray of Point de Gaze needlelace, as Catherine Barley has agreed to come out of retirement to pass on some of the skills that have taken her almost 40 years to perfect.

This workshop has been designed for those who are of an intermediate level of skill and students will learn the techniques required to work a small flower spray within an oval frame. A small sampler has also been designed, enabling all techniques to be practised before commencing on the final piece.

Students should be prepared to work in the hand rather than using a pillow for their work and will learn to work the Continental way of working buttonhole stitch away from the body and up from the bottom of the work, rather than towards the body and down from the top of the work. This workshop is for workers with prior experience only and although the threads used will be thicker than the would normally be used for this type of lace, students will need to be able to use fine threads such as Brok cotton or Egyptian cotton 100/2 for the fine background net, which of course is one of the distinguishing features of this beautiful lace.

However, if some students feel this project is a little too ambitious but have a project of their own that they would like some guidance with, Catherine would be happy to accommodate them.

Louise West

Five days relaxing making Bedfordshire lace. Louise's course is open to all levels and abilities in Bedfordshire lace, whether new to this lace or more experienced. Through individual tuition everyone can expect to learn techniques and make progress on a pattern of their choice within Bedfordshire Lace. 

For anyone wanting a new challenge or wanting to create something totally their own, there is a design option offered; through gentle stages students can learn to create from existing patterns, new adaptations, or go on to create designs from the own experiences. No design experience is necessary to start drafting your own, other than some working knowledge of Bedfordshire Lace.


Louise is able to accommodate anyone wanting to work in Bucks Point, as this lace was the foundation from which Bedfordshire evolved, and has many similarities in the techniques, although varying in the execution.


Doreen Creed

Doreen is an experienced Honiton Lacemaker, having made only this lace for over 30 years using traditional techniques; after having fallen in love with it as a fairly new lacemaker, she has specialised in it ever since. She is becoming a sought-after teacher, with classes as far apart as Kent, Wales and Somerset and she has previously taught for the Guild at the Stockport Convention. Recently she has experimented, using different threads and some techniques used in other laces, working out easier ways of doing things.

Doreen says that Honiton should not frighten people, it does not have to be difficult and it should be fun. More recently she has realised there are many lacemakers who can no longer see to work with fine thread along with those who are put off by its small scale, so she has begun to teach lace made using Honiton techniques but with a thicker thread.

To take part in this course you will need basic lace techniques. All students will be contacted prior to the course to discuss and agree what they would like to learn, whether they are completely new to this lace or just want to brush up on their technique. If you want to bring your own Honiton project to work on, Doreen is happy for you to do that and help you where you need it.


Bedfordshire Lace by Louise West


Honiton Lace by Doreen Creed


All rooms are en-suite.

Lace Guild members: £465 single room; £450 shared room.

Non Lace Guild members: £570 single room; £552 shared room.

Non Lacemaking Guest: £240 single room, £225 shared room.

The price for lacemakers includes full board and tuition.

There are a few places still available.

Please contact The Hollies for details

or download the booking form here.