The Lace Guild
Summer School 2021

Saturday 14 – Sunday 22 August 2021
Best Western The Gables Hotel, Bristol Road, Falfield, Bristol, Gl12 8DL.

Alison Thoburn - Torchon and Point Ground Lace
Jacquie Tinch - A Miscellany of Braid Lace
Anna Winter - Continental Laces and Danish Whitework Embroidery

The 2021 Lace Guild Summer School will be held at
the 4 star Best Western Gables Hotel, Falfield in South
Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswolds. Situated
between Bristol to the south and Gloucester to the north,
the village of Falfield is on the A38 and close to the M5,
junction 14. All rooms are ensuite and include tea and
coffee making facilities, flat screen TV (if you’ve got time
to watch it) and free wifi to keep in touch with the world
if you should choose to. There will be a choice of food at

mealtimes, and all special dietary needs can be catered
for. Further details of the hotel can be found on their

For time away from your intensive concentration on
lacemaking, local attractions include Berkeley Castle,
Dr Jenner’s house and gardens (of smallpox vaccination
fame) and Newark Park as well as all the attractions of
the beautiful Cotswold towns, villages and countryside.

The Gables Hotel

Alison Thoburn - Torchon and Point Ground Lace

I started making Honiton lace with Caroline Biggins in 1985 and quickly became fascinated with all types of lace both English and Continental.  I am absorbed with all aspects of lacemaking, including designing and pattern adaptation.  Colour frequently appears in my lace.  I have exhibited lace with Devon Lace Teachers and at OIDFA Congresses.  I have been teaching lacemaking in South Devon since 2009.  I have an individualised approach supporting students to achieve their goals and extend their knowledge and skills. Since retiring from full time work I now have more time for lacemaking.    


This course is for all levels, including beginners, in either Torchon or one of the point ground laces.  You can work on a pattern of your own choice or one provided.  This is your opportunity to learn something new – a new lace, a different technique, starting that ‘one-day’ pattern.  Please contact me to discuss what you would like to work on during the week.


Rose Coaster

Jacquie Tinch - A Miscellany of Braid Lace

The description 'Braid Lace' covers a wide range of styles and complexities from narrow tape Idrija using only 5 or 6 pairs of bobbins which can be simple enough for a beginner to do through to Milanese and Hinojosa which might need as many as 20 pairs and be challenging enough to make advanced lacemakers think.  Whatever your level of ability, if you would enjoy a week working with a thick or thin threads, with traditional white or contemporary colours but without a pillow full of bobbins, this is the workshop for you.


In this workshop which is suitable for all abilities from complete beginner to advanced lacemaker, you can choose to work any of the family of braid laces which include Russian, Schneeburger, narrow and broad tape Idrija, Brüges, Milanese and Hinojosa.  If you would like to learn something new, I will also be teaching the braids and turns used in Candida Lace, a Spanish lace from the early 20thC similar to Hinojosa.


Originally self taught,  I studied with Pat Read for several years as well as doing workshops with many of the UK's leading tutors and in Spain.  I have been teaching bobbin lace for 35 years and although I make and teach many types, most of my workshops concentrate on braid laces because I love the way even big pieces of lace can be created without the problems connected with handling large numbers of bobbins.  Please feel free to contact me via The Hollies if you have any questions.

Rocking Horse


Braid Laces

Milanese Snail

Hinojosa Stitch

Sample Mat

Anna Winter - Continental Laces and Danish Whitework Embroidery

Anna started making lace in the mid 1970s and by the mid 1980s was teaching lace to various groups on a regular basis. She started her lace life with the traditional English bobbin laces and then added Continental laces to her repertoire. She visited the English Convent in Bruges for over 25 years gaining tuition in Flanders, Binche, Point de Paris, Chrysanthemum and Bruges Flower lace under the watchful eyes of Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet and Marie-Anne Claeys.

Danish Whitework embroidery came onto the scene in the mid-1990s. It is a counted thread embroidery, akin to Handanger, but far more flexible. Anna designs her embroidery using traditional techniques in both traditional and contemporary ways, quite often using it when mounting her lace. 


These days Anna teaches bobbin lace and Danish Whitework embroidery to various local groups as well as groups further afield in the UK. She has also taught Convention and Lace Fringe workshops for the Lace Guild on various aspects of Continental laces experimenting with colour, stitches and grids.

Anna’s workshop is for all levels and abilities working either Continental lace or Danish Whitework embroidery. Whether you wish to learn a new type of lace, extend your knowledge of a particular lace, learn or extend your knowledge of Danish Whitework or just want to get on with a project of your own, you will be most welcome. Students will be contacted prior to the course to discuss what they would like to work on during the week, or they are welcome to contact Anna via the Hollies before then.



Coloured Snowflakes


Torchon and Whitework

Danish Whitework Bell-Pull

Danish Whitework