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Current Lace Magazine - Issue 191 Summer 2023

Torchon Tablecloth (by Tina Sauvage)


Interpreting Elemental (by Robina Melville)

The Westhope Group's exhibition at the Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch.

My Trip to Wave Rock (by Doreen Creed)

An outstanding Lace Museum near Perth in Australia.

Withof and Floral Bedfordshire Lace (by Elaine Moule)

Coventry Cathedral Window (by Hilary Richards)

Plus... Jenny Davies on the Patricia Bury Collection... Leather Lace Patterns by Angela Thompson...

And patterns by Ann Wild, Sharon Scothern, Rieko Tamura and Lesley F. Williams...

Current Early Days Magazine - Issue 21 August 2023

With patterns by Natalie Hodgson, Sara Ruks, Sharon Scothern and Gisela Clasen...

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